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January 2023

I will choose an arbitrary point at which to start psychotherapy, the first contact.

A call is made. A person begins the communication. It is a color on the canvas.

I respond. Another color.

The nature of this conversation is new and unpredictable and a dialogue begins.

People erroneously think that there is a plan, one plan for each and every person, and each and every diagnosis. Unfortunately, a relational therapeutic experience does not follow the scientific model; one treatment for every broken bone.

You are not your bone and you are not your behavior. The colors and shape of yourself that you present are representations of your self, expressed, as only you can. What people often refer to as problems or issues are typically symptoms or expressions of what lies beneath.

Our dialogue contributes as the paint on a canvas, and we will try and make sense together, as a colleague eloquently put. We will decide together if the therapy is to proceed.

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