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January 2023

Each painting is created in the context of my life in general and in the context of the day, the temperature, the lighting, my mood, etc., and is expressed with my hands, paint, brush, palette knife, sponge, and roller.

This day I choose a brush, a color and add it to the blank white canvas. A choice has been made. What I see has changed. What I experience is different.

This new creation begins a conversation between myself and the canvas. I refer to it as a dialogue.

The nature of this dialogue is often referred to as a projection of one’s inner self, an objective, concretized expression of the artist on the canvas. It is now separate from my body, no longer in me, but of me.

The painting speaks to me as much as I speak to it. I am transformed as I paint, as much as the painting is transformed by me.

The painting and I are having a Relationship.

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