Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Abstract painting is often referred to as a projection of one’s ‘inner self’, an objective, concretized expression of the artist on the canvas. It is now separate from my body; no longer in me but of me.

I believe that my next brushstroke is a response to this new creation and the beginning of a dialogue between myself and its life on the canvas. Feelings and ideas expressed on canvas begins a ‘relationship’.

Consider abstract #11. The painting enlisted me in its development as each color and shape called for the creation of the next. The painting speaks to me as much as I speak to it. I am transformed as I paint as much as the painting is transformed by me.

Each painting is created in the context of my life in general and in the context of the day, the temperature, the lighting, my mood, etc., and is expressed with my hands, paint, brush, palette knife, sponge, and roller. Feelings, sensations, thoughts are merged together as they find a path to the canvas. This coming together, this interaction, could not be known before; the process is spontaneous, unpredictable and always new.

Artist Joan Mitchell commented “When I am working, I am only aware of the canvas and what it tells me to do, I am certainly not aware of myself. Painting is a way of forgetting oneself.”

- Allan Gelber


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