Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Aaaahh, satisfied, it’s finished.

Satisfied: a very subjective experience of completeness, wholeness, perfection, doubt dispelled.

Finished: ended, completed, concluded, done, wrapped up

Painting #18 was finished but not complete; there was doubt.

I was not satisfied but unable to figure out what to do. The painting hung in my studio for two years before I took it down and began to change it. This is the second painting that has been re-painted after deemed ‘finished’. (Interestingly, this painting which I retained a copy, has gotten many likes on social media!). Painting #18 became #37 (coming soon). It is again finished and seems complete.

Painting # 4 tells a different story. The black line was the last to be added to the canvas. It ‘separates and brings the painting together’; most satisfying and complete. This line is referred to in the paintings of Barnett Newman as “zips”.

-- Allan Gelber


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